American Alumni Assoication (AAA) | About AAA
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About AAA

The AMERICAN ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (AAA) is an association of graduates of American Colleges and Universities in Bangladesh. The organization seeks to promote fellowship among American graduates, to assist members to develop careers that use their abilities and education, and to maintain a database of skills that can be furnished to domestic and international users. AAA plans to recognize members for significant achievements, give awards and scholarships, assist visiting representatives of American colleges and universities, and aid Bangladeshi students exploring the possibility of study in the United States. AAA also manages computer-based testing in Dhaka for students requiring TOEFL, GRE and U.S. Medical Licensing Examinations to apply to American universities. AAA is registered as a non-profit company under the companies act.

Aim & Objectives

  • To foster and maintain the bonds of amity and friendship among the members.
  • To promote the best interests of the members who have studied in the U.S.A.
  • To develop and maintain a high standard of unity, mutual co-operation and goodwill among the members of the association.
  • To help the members find and develop careers that best utilize their abilities and education.
  • To maintain a register of Members and a database that may be referred to by international and domestic users.
  • To recognize members for significant achievements.
  • To give awards, prizes and scholarships.
  • To assist visiting representatives of American colleges and universities.
  • To Provide services to Bangladeshi students exploring the possibility of study in USA.
  • To Publish a newsletter for members.
  • To facilitate appropriate continuing education and public discussion of issues facing the nation through such events as workshops, seminars and lectures.
  • To undertake any other endeavor which may further strengthen the above objectives.
  • To accept any request, gift, donation or lawful subscription towards any fund or endownment and to establish and support institutions and trust for the benefit of the Association.